Glowing Ceiling Balls



                       PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Glowing Ceiling Balls: You can throw these sticky balls on the wall, wait for the ball to fall slowly, and then grab it. Whether looking for decompression toys and decompression toys, or new decompression toys, our decompression balls are the ideal choice. Smooth, stretch, squeeze, pull, throw, bounce-the elastic ball will immediately return to its original shape.

Applicable to adults and children: The soft pressure ball is suitable for all children and adults, especially children and adults with autism and high anxiety levels. These anxiety-relieving toys help promote calmness, reduce stress and anxiety, and more importantly, improve concentration.

Stress Relief Sticky Balls: Ceiling sticky balls decompress stress relief ball, holds the pressure release ball comfortably, can squeeze, stretch, pull, throw and bounce, and will immediately return to the original state, the perfect choice to relieve stress.


Super Tear Resistance: Unlike many other decompression balls, these balls have high tear resistance and will not break easily. By using a unique production method, we have created a flexible and stretchable ball, which is an excellent alternative to other decompression balls.

Easy to clean: The ceiling ball is very soft. The surface is easy to clean. After use, the surface will absorb some dust and the viscosity will decrease. After washing with water, the viscosity will recover.

High-quality material: Stress release ball is made of high-quality wear-resistant thermoplastic rubber material. Food-grade TPR material, good wear resistance, elasticity, high tear resistance will not break, durable and can be used for a long time.

Ideal gift: Glowing on a Dark ceiling is very suitable as a gift to your children, friends, relatives or yourself. It is like a light to illuminate your child in the dark, it can relieve your or your child's anxiety and stress, and is suitable for patients with autism and anxiety. Disease patients have very good physiotherapy effects.

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